MIF 2017 Fatherland Flow


In 2017, I was commissioned by the Manchester International Festival (MIF) to be part of the Creative 50, a group of artists tasked with producing creative responses to the festival.

Fatherland Flow is an interactive exploration of the meaning of fatherhood – an unpicking of the interconnections between aspirations, motivations and reality.

Data has been derived from the MIF play Fatherland by Scott Graham, Karl Hyde and Simon Stephens. Interviews with fathers were undertaken by the writers – this was taken as a source from which the system would learn and be able to infer meaning.

The data is displayed in swirling word cloud. Meanings between the words have been derived using machine learning – users journey between the words – unpicking their relationships. themes and resonances.



FatherlandFlow was produced as a response to Fatherland for Manchester International Festival (MIF) as part of the #Creative50 programme.

Ambient sounds by Joe Chesterman-March

Experience FatherlandFlow here: http://www.fflow.co.uk


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