Future Zone – Lowry

In 2014, I curated the Future Zone at the ‘Here’s One I Made Earlier’ exhibition in the Lowry, Salford.

The zone was designed to reflect some of the latest technology (Kinect, Apps, Wnderbooks, etc) against some mocked up future possibilities. The main area was a reconstructed living room where the wallpaper is digital – all the walls are a screen. I mocked the experience using rear projections onto false walls. The content of the screens explained itself, the possibilities and some of the issues that it may cause.

The ‘Here’s One I Made Earlier’ exhibition was the most successful ever at the Lowry – with large numbers every day of the 3 month run. Exhibits included historical children’s television memorabilia from the 1920s to present day.

The exhibition proved to trigger powerful memories in many attendees – demonstrating the strength of  feeling planted by television and radio content consumed while young.



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